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Boat Carpet Glue


Price: $39.50


Designed for installing glue-down type boat carpet, this water based marine adhesive is what you'll need to glue down your new carpeting.

This boat carpet glue is water based, non flammable, low-odor and non-toxic. Trowel our glue down for best results, once carpet is laid down use a heavy roller to press the back of the carpet into the glue lines you've created with the trowel.

  • Each gallon covers an 8' x 10' area
  • Sold in single gallon pales
  • This glue needs to be troweled down
  • 1/8th" trowel recommended

** if ordering the glue & carpet, these items may arrive separately as they are shipped from different locations** There is a shipping charge for the glue**