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Custom Marine Carpet provides a variety of Marine Flooring!  Some of our products include:  Snap-in berber & cut-pile carpet, Teak carpet, Glue Down cut-pile carpet, Premium Synthetic Vinyls, Flex Dek Foam Flooring and much more to meet all of your boating needs & wants! 



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Snap-In Boat Carpet

Adding or replacing boat carpeting is a great and cost-effective way to get your boat shipshape! Your boat flooring is an easy way to add value and personality to your vessel. Snap-In Boat carpet offers stylish and durable carpet and woven vinyl trending in style, color, and texture that will make your boat the envy of the seas for years to come. 

When it comes to marine grade boat carpet, technology is vital because your boat is in the water a majority of the time, and when you're out taking a cruise, water will inevitably get in your boat – and on your boat's carpet. Water can cause damage to your boat's flooring and cause horrible smells if the water just sits in the cut pile stagnating.

The Difference Between Boat and Regular Carpeting

Unlike regular in-home carpeting, boat carpet is made for the outside elements. Technology has created boat carpet that is water, stain, and mold-resistant. The technology is a nanotechnology that will create a barrier to any other molecules from entering the fibers of your high quality carpeting. That means even if you spill something onto your boat carpet, it won't penetrate the fibers before you can get it cleaned up, thanks to the blocking power of nanotechnology.

With Snap-In Carpet, your bass boat carpet, pontoon boat carpet, etc., are made to withstand the tough marine environment without fading or degrading. Carpeting isn't your only choice, we also offer marine vinyl flooring products. Our woven flooring, Marine Weave, is one of the best offered in the marine industry for the harsh marine environment, yet still offers a classy, finished look at a great price. This synthetic material is Anti-microbial, stain, and soil-resistant and made in the USA. 
We offer carpet from 16 to 22 oz cut pile boat carpet, and installation is easy on a multitude of boat surfaces, such as:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass surfaces

Snap-In Boat Carpet offers Marine carpet and other boat carpet products with durable rubber backing and boat carpet adhesives. If you need help, information, or samples, contact us today. 

Boat Carpet Replacement by Custom Marine Carpet
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"Nothing short of absolutely perfect! Your workmanship is great and they are an exact drop-in. Keep your templates as they are dead accurate. Thanks so very much, you made my day!"

Geoff deJaray
Vancouver Canada
1995 Sea Ray 330 DA
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